12th Grade: H.W.#32, Due Friday, 10/26

1. Finish “The Merchant’s Tale.”
2. Answer the following questions. Type your answers, please!
1. Where besides their bedroom do May and January have sex?
2. What infirmity does January suffer?
3. How do May and Damian accomplish their plan to meet in the garden? Where does Damian hide?
4. What excuse does May give January to climb the tree to be with Damian?
5. What are May and Damian doing when January’s sight is restored?
6. Who restores January’s sight? Why?
7. How does May cleverly respond to January’s discovery of her in Damian’s arms? Who gave May the wit to respond this way?
8. Pluto and Persephone are husband and wife. How does their relationship comment on the story’s depiction of marriage and the relationship of men and women in marriage? Is it consistent with the attitudes expressed within the story, by the Merchant, by Harry Bailey? Are wives inconstant, unfaithful, cheats like the Wife of Bath and the Alison of the Miller’s Tale?
The words that you should begin memorizing (with definitions) are as follows:
1. calumniate 2. dotard 3. importune 4. prate 5. churl 6. temporal 7. incubus 8. tribulation 9. continence 10. disparage


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