10th Grade: H.W.#39, Due Thursday, 11/10

  1. Work on your Mythology essay. Energize yourself. Think of a way to make the topic you’ve chosen matter to you. After all, the essay topics are still relevant and shape our lives to a great extent. Start from a place that matters to you (be it your own relationships, your own sense of place as a female, your own sense as a son with a father, your own attitude towards love/attractions/anxieties about people preventing closeness etc. etc.). While the essay is not about your own sense of these universal experiences, it is important to pinpoint why you are interested in this topic, so that your interest may animate your response and fill it with a sense of urgency or why this discussion you offer us matters.
  2. For tomorrow, you should work extensively on crafting an introduction that works to peak reader interest, introduce the topic, and lead up to a clear and concise thesis that is nuanced and complex enough to hold reader interest.

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This blog is dedicated to announcements of various kinds to Dr. Mandler's sophomore and senior English students at Stuyvesant High School.
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2 Responses to 10th Grade: H.W.#39, Due Thursday, 11/10

  1. Addison Huang says:

    Does this mean we only need an introduction by tomorrow?

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