12th Grade: H.W.#52, Due Monday, 12/5

  1. Please read the article entitled “Personality” in the Baumeister book Baumeister Finkel 2010 BOOK Advanced social psychology the state of the science
  2. As always, mark your reactions to various points in this article and do a thorough job reading this, so that you are prepared to listen to your classmates on Monday and participate in the lesson!
  3. Continue memorizing the Hamlet recitation.
    NOTE: The articles were left in my mailbox on the second floor. Did they make it up to your classes for distribution? (Somebody please put the answer here in a comment). Thanks for the comments…I was afraid of that. Anyhow, you all have the article in PDF form. No need to print it out. You’ll get the hard copy on Monday. You will have to write your comments on a seperate piece of paper or do it digitally.

Have a great weekend.


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This blog is dedicated to announcements of various kinds to Dr. Mandler's sophomore and senior English students at Stuyvesant High School.
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2 Responses to 12th Grade: H.W.#52, Due Monday, 12/5

  1. Arpita Abrol says:

    We never got anything. Mr. Grossman was out as well we believe, and the sub was not given any assignment to give to us. Instead, we talked about Hamlet.

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