12th Grade: H.W.#77, Due FRIDAY, 6/9

NOTHING is due if you have submitted everything that was due up to this point. In case you have missed some assignments in the past, please do not tarry any longer with any piece. Just submit it. Even a 50% is better than a 0%. Your senior portrait MUST be in by Friday. Otherwise, you will have failed the course. 

Whenever you put something on turnitin.com now, make sure you send an email to me along with it, so that I know that I should check turnitin.com. Otherwise, I won’t know.

We will continue our very own Open Mic sessions on Friday. You will get one final opportunity to share something about yourself, your experiences at Stuy and this particular class, or anything else. Feel free to bring in some snacks!

If you’d like to contribute a draft progression, a final draft, or advice to my (potential) book on the college essay, begin emailing me the pieces at Dmandler@schools.nyc.gov. You can also send me supplement essays with the questions. Make sure you save each document in a way that makes the nature of the document very clear. (FinalCommApp…or Supplement3 etc. ). In the body of the message, please specify what it is that you’re sending me. If your piece is found to be suitable for publication, you will receive a message with a release form that will need to be signed by you (if you’re over 18) or your parents (if you are still under 18). That will come much later in the process, though.


About Dr. Mandler's English Blog

This blog is dedicated to announcements of various kinds to Dr. Mandler's sophomore and senior English students at Stuyvesant High School.
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