Final Note of Appreciation

Sophomores: You will have to wait for your final appreciation until the 27th when your last official school day occurs.

Dear Seniors,

Finally! You’re done with classes and can put your Stuyvesant High School experience into the appropriate memory slot. I’d like to acknowledge the hard work many of you continued to show during this term. I know it has not been easy to keep your mind focused on this (or any other) subject as you have mentally prepared to leave high school behind and enter college. I hope that some of the units we have done this year–and more specifically, some lessons, ideas or skills–will stay with you and be useful in years to come. I also hope that this new course I’ve created is viable and will attract students at Stuyvesant in future years.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege for me to have been your English teacher this year. May you find success (or success find you) in whatever you choose to do in your life.

Third period class: I am going to try to get through all of the senior portraits in the next couple of weeks and send you a letter. When finished, I will email you with the letter.

IF you’d like your college essay or your supplements to be used for instructional purposes in my book on the college essay, please email me your work before you totally forget about it (or worse yet, erase it). Draft progressions are also very much appreciated!

If you have not returned any of the books, please do so by putting your name on a slip of paper into the book and placing the book in my mailbox. 

I leave you with a link to my book on Amazingly, there are some really good hard cover copies for only $13.90. I bought one myself just to see the quality–it’s really as good as new. If you’d like me to sign it, you can still get it in time before school ends. Otherwise, I’d really appreciate your asking for your college library to obtain a copy. It’s already in more than 40 libraries, but the more the better. Thank you!


About Dr. Mandler's English Blog

This blog is dedicated to announcements of various kinds to Dr. Mandler's sophomore and senior English students at Stuyvesant High School.
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