12th Grade: H.W.#54, Due Friday, 12/1

  1. Read chapters 2 and 3 of Jane Eyre. If you do not have the book, please read the online version of the text (http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1260).
    2. Print out and read the following handout. When you are done reading what makes Gothic Literature, fill out the boxes that you can. Gothic Elements
    Words and their meanings to know (by next Thursday)
    1. promontory 2. bilious 3. diffidence 4. caviller 5. Sallowness 6. Torpid 7. Vignette
    (You can practice these words on https://www.vocabulary.com/lists/1403881)
    4. Continue memorizing the soliloquy. You will have a quiz on it.

    Bonus: watch as much of the video on the Brontes as you can.


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This blog is dedicated to announcements of various kinds to Dr. Mandler's sophomore and senior English students at Stuyvesant High School.
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2 Responses to 12th Grade: H.W.#54, Due Friday, 12/1

  1. Jenny Chen says:

    The Gothic Elements doc is not opening. I tried opening it with different browsers but every time, something just flashes and then closes in a fraction of a second. Did anyone experience this problem? If not, what else can I try?

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