10th Grade: H.W.#80, Due Wednesday, 1/17

1. Be prepared to discuss how Aristophanes parodies the following terms from tragedy in the action of the play: hamartia, peripeteia, anagnorisis, and catharsis. Look these up in your notebook and handouts and mark the play with a post-it note where each of these occurs. [prep time: no more than 10 mins]
2. Think about how you have reacted to various parts of the play. What did you like and what you did not you like? Go beyond events and get into ideas, and implications. You do not need to develop this part of your answer as long as you are able to discuss this intelligently in small groups tomorrow. [5 mins]
3. Read Plato’s Apology up to “Yes, that I say emphatically.” [about 30 mins]. You will find the e-text here:


You may also listen to this read out loud at


4. Isolate something in Plato’s Apology says that strikes you. Note on the margins how and why you connect to the statement.

NOTE: We will not be discussing Plato’s Apology yet in class on Wednesday, but I did not want to assign the entire piece to be read in one sitting. You will have to finish reading it by Thursday.


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