12th Grade: H.W.#30, Due Wednesday, 3/21

British Literature Class:

  1. Read pages 146-161.
  2. Mark places in the text where the author emphasizes the personal costs of Laura’s decision to repress her love for Hartwright. Focus on the way Laura makes her decisions by pinpointing the reason she acquiesces to keeping her commitment to Sir Percival in reaction to his behavior.

AP Psych and Lit Class:

  1. Read Mrs. Dalloway up to page 153.
  2. Notice anything worth discussing on post-it notes (2 at least).

Looking Ahead
Here is your major assessment assignment for Mrs. Dalloway. As you read the rest of the novel, be mindful of the style you’ll need to imitate and begin writing down your plans. First draft is due next Thursday, 3/29.  mrs-dalloway-assignment2018


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