10th Grade: H.W.#31, Due Friday, 3/23

  1. Re-read Act IV, scene 2 and read scene 3.
  2. Be prepared to answer study guide questions.
  3. Pick a line with a word or an expression that is unclear to you. Google it. If you find any explanation, record it (printing it out would suffice).

    LOOKING AHEAD: Here is the major assessment for the Macbeth unit. Please put down the dates into your planner. macbethassignment2018

Study Guide Questions

1. In Scene 3, Macduff and Malcolm begin clearly to assume central roles in the play.
a. What is the purpose of Macduff’s visit to Malcolm in England?
b. Why does Malcolm hesitate to accept Macduff’s offer of assistance?
c. How does Malcolm test Macduff’s honesty and integrity?
2. How is Macduff affected by Ross’s news about his family? What is revealed of his character?
3. What progress has been made in the campaign to overthrow Macbeth?
4. What is the meaning of Malcolm’s statement, “Macbeth / Is ripe for shaking”?

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