12th Grade: H.W.#60, Due Wednesday, 5/16

British Literature Class

1. Read chapters 16, 17, and 18.
2. Write two post-it notes on anything that strikes you.
Biographical Note: Lewis Ralph Yealland (1884 – 2 March 1954) was a Canadian-born therapist who went to Britain to practice medicine during the First World War and was at the forefront of experimental shock techniques to treat shell shock.

Here is the major assessment for this unit (PLEASE MARK YOUR PLANNERS FOR THE DATES): Regeneration Major Assignment2018

Second Period Class: Go to THE MAIN AUDITORIUM directly for class on Wednesday.

Psychology and Literature Class

  1. Read chapter 3 of the Voyage to Kazohinia. (You can expect to have a reading quiz).
  2. Mark places in the text that describe how kazo and kazi shape an aspect of Hin society.
    Keep in mind what we’ve said regarding cash nexus, that is “the reduction (under capitalism) of all human relationships, but especially relations of production, to monetary exchange. The term occurs most frequently in the writings of Karl Marx and is still used primarily by Marxists”).

Continue working on the Are You My Mother assignment. You have a somewhat free terrain on which to work this out. The two main models for this paper are as follows: Your brief paper may 1. focus mostly on a revelatory moment in the memoir by working out how Bechdel gets her readers to a grand realization 2) lead into a realization Bechdel comes to by connecting it to other pieces of the puzzle she sprinkles throughout the novel (in pictures and in text) and make a personal connection as well.

Third Period Class: Go to the MAIN AUDITORIUM directly for class on Wednesday.

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10th Grade: H.W.#59, Due Tuesday, 5/15

  1. Read chapters 11 and 12.
  2. Continue memorizing all vocabulary words from the Dracula Unit. The test is still scheduled for this Wednesday.
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12th Grade: H.W.#59, Due Tuesday, 5/15

British Literature Class

  1. Read chapters 14 and 15.
  2. Pay attention to character development. Be ready to point to a section that allows the novelist to develop a character.

AP Psych and Lit

1. Read chapters 1 and 2 of The Voyage to Kazohinia. (29 pages). [If you were absent, find an online e-text. I think this one would work: http://all4ebooks.org/1017-voyage-to-kazohinia.html]
2. The first chapter is packed with sarcastic comments about the English, the Italians, war, nationhood, glory, religion, and European civilization (to mention but a few). Mark a place in the text that contains one of these sardonic or sarcastic assertions. You will discuss them in groups. (You may use a post-it note or write it out on a separate piece of paper although you don’t have to do so). Don’t be turned off by chapter one. The rest of the book is radically different from this mildly amusing critique.
3. The second chapter is where it gets more interesting with Gulliver finding himself in a totally unfamiliar society. Be ready to discuss the way Gulliver uses his preconceptions to make sense of the people he encounters and the events he witnesses.

Work on the Bechdel assignment. We really have very little time left of this term (with only 17 more sessions to go, we have our work cut out for us). The deadline for this assignment is Wednesday, May 23rd.  bechdel-assignment with Date

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Yes, it seems there was such a thing as that last week. In one class, somebody even mentioned it (adding that every day is Teacher Appreciation Day). Well, it’s okay. I know teacher appreciation comes in different forms and at different times in one’s life. It felt good to be greeted wih such warmth in seventh period on Friday for sure (my joke notwithstanding).

I appreciate you, my students. And that’s genuine and heartfelt. I have a vague sense of how difficult it must be to do well in so many subjects and still maintain a “life.”

I also have an increasing sense of appreciation for my former teachers. Let me share with you a poem I wrote upon hearing of the unexpected passing of my junior high Hungarian literature and grammar teacher (also the head of my official class, which had such a different meaning in Hungary) some time ago. (By the way, I’m thinking of changing the first stanza, and adding the words “in theory, at least” after “tiger.” Let me know what you think).

And thanks.


(P.S. “The College Essay Guidebook” has a Facebook page!)

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10th Grade: H.W.#58, Due Monday, 5/14

1. Read chapters 9 and 10.
2. Again, use post-it notes (at least three) to note any humorous elements of the narrative as well as some of the darker aspects of the novel. Of course, you use a post-it note to record your reactions to any part of the narrative.
3. Again, choose two words you don’t understand and record them on index cards as before.

Reminder: The Dracula creative writing assessment is due SUNDAY at 11:59 pm on turnitin.com. Make sure to underline or highlight all vocabulary words used. Double check correct usage by typing the word into google and seeing how it’s actually used in context. Check on your email for a receipt from turnitin.com to make sure your submission went through.

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12th Grade: H.W.#58, Due Monday, 5/14

British Literature Class

  1. Read chapters 11, 12 and 13 over the weekend.
  2. Pay attention to how colors are used and for what purpose.

AP Psychology and Literature Class

  1. Finish reading Are You My Mother?
  2. Jot down your immediate reactions to the book when you’re done. Here is the final assignment (still without dates–to be determined on Monday). You may want to go ahead and begin working on it anyhow…

Bechdel Assignment No Dates Yet

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10th Grade: H.W.#57, Due Friday, 5/11

1. Read chapters 7 and 8.
2. Use three post-it notes to record your questions about, reactions to, connections or reflections on any aspect of these chapters. Take note of how Bulgakov echoes previous dialogue/details/ideas in these chapters.
3. Select two words you don’t know and write the word with the phrase in which you found it on one side with definitions on the other side of the index card.

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