10th Grade: H.W.#60, Due Tuesday, 12/12

  1. Read Book 19.
  2. Answer the following in writing with quotations taken from the text as support:
    1. Interpret the dream that Penelope relates to the stranger towards the book’s end. What things does it reveal about her stance towards the suitors that would probably surprise even her?
    2. How does this book show Penelope the equal of her husband?
  3. Continue revising your Artist’s Statement. Remember that the first draft of your poem is due on Thursday, 12/13.
  4. Be sure you are reading very closely and reviewing important moments in the plot.

    Audio Book for Book 19:


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12th Grade: H.W.#60, Due Wednesday, 12/12

  1. Read Joe Keener’s article (15 somewhat dense pages), “Evolving Hamlet…”. evolving-hamlet-article and make annotations on the article itself. Look for jargon (such as “essentialism” or “New Historicism”) you may not understand (and look up at least two of those terms, so that you can tell the rest of us about what they mean). Print it out at home and bring it to class.
  2. Write at least two “talk-back” claims on the margins in which you do just that: you push back against Keener’s claim.
  3. Print out and read Freud’s writing “On Repression in Hamlet”:
    http://producer.csi.edu/cdraney/archive-courses/fall09/175/etexts/repression-hamlet_freud.pdf (it is only one page).
  4. Continue memorizing the soliloquy. Next quiz on it will be on Thursday.
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10th Grade: H.W.#59, Due Tuesday, 12/11

  1. Read Chapter 18: The Beggar King of Ithaca.
  2. Pick a page and write down any specific words or expressions that serve to heighten comedic effect within the context of the scene. In other words, how is Homer subtly injecting some humor into your specific pages? Write this down.
  3. Continue memorizing vocabulary words.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vPVKKN1t98
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12th Grade: H.W.#59, Due Tuesday, 12/11

  1. Finish reading Hamlet. Use post-it notes to mark any unusual, great, worthwhile, unexpected moments you want to discuss in class. Be ready to apply one concept from any of the social psychology articles we’ve already discussed (including Attitude Change).
  2. Continue memorizing the soliloquy all the way to the end “be all my sins remembered”) and be ready to write down all the lines from memory in class.

    Here is the link to the audio book version for Book 18:


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Wincent Weiss at Stuy

Watch Wincent Weiss trying to pronounce Stuyvesant. The second video is in English. Crowd control after the concert was fun!


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10th Grade: H.W.#58, Due Monday, 12/10

  1. Read Chapter 17: Stranger at the Gates. Find a line you will share out at the beginning of the class, and be ready to tell the class why you’ve chosen this particular line.
  2. Continue memorizing all assigned vocabulary words.


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12th Grade: H.W.#58, Due Monday, 12/10

  1. Sunday Update: Beacause one of the presenters is not feeling well, Monday’s presentation will be postponed. This means that you will have to contribute one concept, idea, example etc. from the article that had an impact on your thinking. Your annotations matter! Read and annotate the article Attitude Change
  2. Continue memorizing the entire soliloquy.Looking Ahead: Please print out and read the major assessment for Hamlet. Put the deadlines into your planner. hamlet-advice-assignmentappsychlit2018
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